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Lost Lake Loop Hike
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Map of the Lost Lake Hike

Length: 3.2 miles round the lake
Elevation Change: Minimal elevation change
Season: Late Spring thru early winter
Difficulty:   Easy
Permit:   Entrance Fee Required


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This hike around Lost Lake is a wonderful feast for the senses. Whether the sky is clear or cloudy, the lake and the surrounding forest bring a rich experience to those who hike this trail.

Obviously, a person can hike the trail either clockwise or counterclockwise. This description will follow the trail from in front of the Lost Lake Lodge and travel counterclockwise, or to the west. The trail follows closely along the lake shore and immediately crosses the outlet from the lake parallel to the paved access road. The trail has its own wooden bridge.

After traveling a brief distance through a picnic area, you enter dense forest with very large trees. The trail often is a wooden path raised from the ground to keep the hiker high and dry. At times you can glimpse views out across the lake to Mt Hood in the distance. Other times you are in swampy areas or again in dense forest.

As you travel around the lake the trail varies in quality. At times it is wheelchair access able, other times is it not. At times you walk right on the waters edge, other times you can barely see the lake through the trees.

When you reach the southern most end of the lake, about 2 miles into the hike, you will intersect Trail #617, which is an access to the Pacific Crest Trail #2000 high above the lake. It is from this point on that the trail takes on a very high quality and is wheelchair access able the rest of the distance back to the parking area near the lodge. From time to time there are little viewpoints built out over the lake which offer excellent photo opts.

This is an excellent hike for the young and for those more seasoned citizens.

Lost Lake
How to get there:

These directions take you from Hood River, Oregon. Whatever direction from which you arrive at Hood River, follow the sign of old US Hwy 30 into town. From the west turn right on 13th Street and follow it up the hill until it merges with 12th. If you are approaching from the east, on US 30, turn left on 9th and follow it up the hill until it merges with 12th. Either way, follow 12th south out of town on what is called Tucker Road or Hwy 281. About 6 miles out of town you will cross the Hood River. Immediately after the bridge, bear right and pass Tucker Park. In about another six miles you need to bear to the right again following signs to Lost Lake. This community is referred to as Dee. As soon as you cross the railroad tracks, bear left and follow the signs to Lost Lake. This paved road becomes Forest Road 18, and you need to follow it about another 8.5 miles. Then bear right on Forest Road 13 for another 4.5 miles.

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