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Ramona Falls Hike
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Length: 7.1 miles round trip
Elevation Change: 1000' gain
Season: Spring thru Fall
Difficulty:   Moderate
Permit:   NW Forest Pass Required
Features: Ramona Falls is one of the most popular hikes in the Mt Hood National Forest. The loop hike is a great option in that it offers more variety. After you leave the parking lot at the trail head, the trail wanders along the Sandy River for nearly a mile before offering you the opportunity to cross the almost always muddy and swift water. Occassionally, the trail gets close enough to the river for views, but most of the time it is in the forest.

After crossing the river on the bridge supplied by the Forest Service, you will come to an intersection where the loop trail returns. Again, like all loop trails, you have the option of which way to complete the loop. This description will follow the trail counterclockwise, which means continue on straight ahead instead of turning to the left.

The trail parallels the Sandy River, but only rarely gives you a glimpse of it. You also begin to gain elevation. In season this part of the hike is lush and green with lots of Rhododendrons. At about the 2.8 mile mark you will come to the junction of the Pacific Crest Trail #2000 and the cutoff trail to the falls. Bear left at this point and walk about a half mile to the falls. Be very careful to stay on the trail at the falls due to the very fragile environment.

After you take all the photos you can afford, cross the little wooden bridge to begin you journey back. Immediately, you will face the intersection of the trail to Yocum Ridge and the route back to your car. Bear left, and follow this quaint little trail along the little stream that forms Ramona Falls. As you hike along this trail you will have many opportunities to enjoy little waterfalls and cascades, and lots of flowers in the right season.

When you come to the intersection of Trail #784, bear to the left again, and you will complete the loop part of Trail #797 after crossing the little stream that created Ramona Falls. From this point, just follow the trail back across the Sandy River and on to the parking lot and trail head where you began the hike.

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