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Tamanawas Falls Hike
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Length: 3.8 miles round trip
Elevation Change: 500' gain
Season: Late Spring thru Late Fall
Difficulty:   Easy
Permit:   NW Forest Pass Required
Features: There are basically two approaches to Tamanawas Falls. This hike begins at the Tamanawas Falls Trail head along highway 35. After crossing the East Fork of the Hood River, turn right on Trail #650 and follow the river for about a half mile. Then the trail takes a sharp left turn on the point of a cliff with a great view and heads into the Cold Spring Creek Canyon. Soon you intersect Trail #650A which is directly ahead of you as Trail #650 makes a sharp right and continues on its way to the Polallie Trail head.
You now continue upstream and cross a fine log bridge across Cold Spring Creek. The trail follows the creek literally all the way to Tamanawas Falls. However, about a quarter mile before the falls you intersect Trail #650B which takes to over a ridge to the Polallie Trail head. Because of a bridge washout, you must continue across a rather shabby trail for a couple hundred feet before regaining the original trail which takes you around a couple bends and to Tamanawas Falls.

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