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Pyramid Butte Hike
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Map of the Pyramid Butte Hike

Length: 4 mile loop
Elevation Change: 800' gain
Season: Summer thru Fall
Difficulty:   Moderate
Permit:   NW Forest Pass Required


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Be advised that this area was burned in a recent forest fire, and Pyramid Butte was ravaged.

This hike to Pyramid Butte is in a strange jurisdiction.... it is in the Mt Hood National Forest, it is in the Mt Jefferson Wilderness, and it is administered by the Willamette National Forest. Oh well, its in this website because I consider it to be in the Mt Hood National Forest.

The road to the Pyramid Butte trail head was created in hell.... oops, I said a naughty word. I apologize, but the road is terrible. HOWEVER, one does not have to take Forest Road 4220 from Olallie Basin, one can take it from Forest Road 46, which is paved and lined and a great highway, and only about 15 miles from this trail head. Of course, you do have to travel Forest Road 4220 from FR46 to get here, but what the hay.... the road isn't all that bad.... if you own a Sherman Tank or Bradly Fighting Vehicle!!!

So let's hike. The parking area by the way is very nice, toilet and all. You begin the hike at the south end of the parking area and soon approach another Check Point Charlie. After you do your duty, the trail begins to climb, gain elevation, go up!!! Actually, for this hike it's not bad. For those folks heading for Park Ridge, well, that's another story. Or I should say, that's another website project.

This hike up Pyramid is actually quite simple. About three quarters of a mile into the hike you will cross a wooden bridge over what can be a vigorous stream. Immediately after the bridge and behind a large old hemlock, a trail veers off to the right. Actually, I believe this was the old trail to Jefferson Park, but a new one has been built and it goes straight ahead. You take the old one. This trail wanders along the hillside with nice views of the surrounding terrain and meadows. You'll pass a rather spectacular spring just below you that comes right out of the mountain you're walking on.

Soon you come to the junction of the spur trail that will take you up Pyramid Butte. Now the folks that made this trail know how to make trails. This steep, but well switch backed trail takes you right up the mountain with not all that much effort. The trail is neat and the views are terrific. And when you get to the top, you'll wonder why this butte is visible in half the universe. It sticks out like a sore thumb from all over the Mt Hood National Forest. So, when you are here on top, why does it seem so small???? Anyway, it is terrific, so please enjoy the hike and take lots of pictures and leave only footprints behind.

Pyramid Butte before the forest fire
How to get there:

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Follow Highway 224 out of Estacada for about 26 miles. Right after the bridge just beyond the Ripplebrook Station, bear right and continue on Road 46 for another 28 miles. Watch for the graveled Road 4220 on your left, and take it for about 10 miles to the trailhead parking area, complete with toilets. Note that this road is extremely primitive.

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